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He never seems to realize that his voice carries. I leave my door open for the cat to get in, and she was acting up this morning too. But he gripes at the girlfriend to take care of the baby and i can hear every bloody word.  Which wakes me up. And if i'm not asleep it carries through the goddamn walls to where i don't SLEEP.   I never sleep when he's got a freaking day off, and we have the hellions here with us.  Sarah and little Denver can behave themselves most of the time, Devon on the other hand? Incites more crap that should be done, or wants the world handed to him. I realize most little kids are that way, but i swear he takes it to extremes just because HE CAN.

Seriously, i just wanted a decent amount of time for a sunday but we have the whole squadron of insanity here. No wonder i want to hide in my room and STAY there.  It is not helping this headache at all, either.
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My brother disappears for 24 hours because he went and lost his temper. This after telling us he'd only be gone for 'a little bit'.  Now he brings his daughter with him. I don't mind her, but the other housemate just had HIS two boys (one of which is a little hellion of an instigator) dropped off. Seriously. Warning would be good. But he's too damned selfish to give a damn that OTHER people live in this house besides him. He doesn't pay for the bills, and he rarely contributes to food costs.  He wonders why mom hasn't any money left when he doesn't do shit to keep the bills down. She's on fixed income and he blames it on HER. She rarely impulse buys things anymore of any huge value. He's the one who tossed all his money on a stereo for the car, when he'd just lost his job.  He just borrowed my last 20$ bill this friday. I plan on bugging him for it--mercilessly. I need that money. i don't have anything else, no thanks to Rite Aid and their refusal to give me unemployment (which i'm appealing).

All i know is that i want to be left alone for my show tonight.  90 minutes would be good, but this is just. ARGH. No other word for it but ASSHOLE. Or maybe in japanese 'wagamama puu' (spoiled brat).  Both suit him, and Denver.

I'd like to do my show in peace and quiet, but it doesn't matter what i want or need to do, now does it? 

Of course, he was back last then 15 minutes and he and the girlfriend started fighting--as usual.
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He's at it again. He won't let her touch the baby right now after he came in at 3.30am and started yelling at her that she was worthless, and she does absolutely nothing. OF COURSE teh baby wakes up, asshole.  He picks up on your rage and her fear. He  may not have words, but he's got sense enough to be scared of you.  Gods... YOu can't see your eldest daughter's fear, either? I just dont' have the words to describe this insanity.

He's still tormenting her so much later. Not physically, no hitting. But this shit is more than enough to be horrible. I want him out too, not just her.  He doesn't deserve this baby, as much as i'd love to see him grow up. Evan can't stay in this kind of environment.  I'm pretty sure he's drunk, after coming in so late with friends.  He's not 20 anymore, he's got 3 kids and a job. He's supposed to be responsible. Instead he's this monster. I'd love to know where my little brother went, because the one that does this crap is NOT him. My cat won't go near him, and neither will the dog. They don't like him, and rightly so. Mom attempted to get him to stop yelling, and if i stepped in it would have been worse.

He's pretty much an abusive bastard, to put it succinctly.  I can't make up enough curses for whoever turned him into this. Cause it sure as hell wasn't my mother or my father. He was raised in a family that wasn't like this at all. Dad was never violent, EVER.  Mom and Dad fought, but usually made it right in a few days afterwards even if it was tense for a while. I'm pretty sure its his friends taht are part of it, a huge part of it. He was hanging with the one i like the least tonight and im pretty sure they just feed these petty rages with all the shit about 'you're better than those bitches, go on home. Take whatever you want from them, you don't owe them shit' I hate people like that. So. Very. Much.

If push comes to shove i WILL call the cops on him. He has a daily marijuana habit that i caught the cues of during christmas, and confirmed after i moved back in.  I can't physically throw him out, but i'm perfectly willing to be the one directing the boot that does kick him in the ass. I certainly have reason for it considering his weed habit endangers my chances of getting hired in as a pharmacy tech again.  I'm pretty damned sure its part of his extreme short temper as well.  I was going to leave him to get himself caught again on his own, because the way he is now? He's going to slip up, its almost guaranteed. I may have to push things up on my own, and i really don't look forward to it. If he slips up on his own, he can't blame us for his own stupidity that will definitely land him back behind bars.  He's embraced being the trash i never was, mentally and didn't let myself become.

Just goddammit. He's causing nothing but grief and discord and i'm pretty damned sure he knows it and doesn't give a damn.  Mom ends up in tears and i end up annoyed. I'm not angry yet, but the potential's there.  I don't know if i'm going to let it go on to that level to be honest.

I was trying to watch some of  KR OOOs but it's not working. i need something else to watch. I'll figure it out, for now? Sleep? Not yet. Probably not until the sun comes up again. Thank goodness i have a purring Velvet beside me, and she hasn't left my side much at all right now.
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A lot has happened. I've been denied unemployment, and next week i'm getting the appeal faxed over to Lansing to get that started, we'll see how things fall out with my former employer, rite aid.  Mostly they're being assholes, but that is nothing new.

My brother's girlfriend (who is the mother of my nephew) was gone for a solid two weeks and i was loving the quiet around here. Within 3 hours of her return yesterday, my idiot brother started yelling at her again and doing his usual jerkwad behavior with her. She doesn't help by provoking those rages either. He's already on a hair trigger temper, which he takes out on the paneling of the bedroom. (and he hasn't made the slightest move to have it repaired either, now that he has a job)She just needs to move out and stay out. Better for everyone all around. She has not a whit of common sense to take care of that baby and i hope for the little guy's sake he ends up somewhere other than here.This is a girl who's lost permanent custody of her first kid to his father, and i sincerely doubt she learned anything from that case.  Even Mom's of that opinion. I'd adore it if he could stay, but none of us can take care of him, and Scott won't commit to anything like that.  He was the idiot that got her pregnant in the first place.  By the way, this is his third kid in 8 years. *facepalms* At least mom's stopped pressuring me to have kids, now she just wants to see me married so i'm not alone. (That's still going to be a bit though. )

Today? Escape from these idiots for a few hours over to canada for my Gramma's 82nd (i think) birthday over at one of my uncles' houses. 
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Welp, i'm back in my old home town again. Tired, but here. *yawns* i hardly slept all last night and i'm glad we had some extra help from some family friends. I lasted about half the drive on  my own after packing and just wilted, so Tom took over driving. Now to get used to living with an infant nephew and pets again. Also having a tv i might be interested in watching again.  But now i can play some of my stuff on DVD on a nice big LCD which is cool. :D

I expect my cat, Velvet to be leech kitty again. I'll have pictures later of her perching almost immediately on my DVD boxes. I figure since i have the ereader i don't need to have most of my books on hand. Once again, that gift is proving useful and i do like it quite a bit.  For now? I'm going to sort through things TOMORROW.  I also expect to ache like mad tomorrow too.
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I am really not all that happy with the state's way of running things. BUT. I have a valid driver's license again and i'm good to go. I have the paper temp for 14 days until my real one shows up in the mail, which should be before Anime Central weekend.

I basically spent the last week on pins and needles about this court date, so it really didnt' feel like a good vacation at all.  I did love being able to spend that time with my family in the end. Just..argh. So many issues with my little brother, and i still have fines to pay for this. Much less my negotiations with work.  I still have to call them and i'll be doing it after i finish this entry. I expect to be written up for this, even though for the most part it was all involuntary. My company doesn't care, so in the end this will probably be my final reprimand.  Even  being arrested over easter and spending that weekend in jail.  After that, there was no point in staying in town. Especially since i couldn't drive at all. Basically i intend to transfer at some point in teh summer after i get these fines done with.  Pay off the district court for the tickets, then i can pay the driver responsibility off from port huron.

I'd describe more of the back and forth, but i'm exhausted. We left at 4am this morning. I didnt' sleep last night at all.  Without my drivers license i basically didn't have a job. Didn't know if they were going to let me reinstate it at all. Now they have, so that's out of the way (and i owe mom and one of my canuck cousins so much its not funny).

All this trouble basically just reminded me. Time to leave GR. As much as i like being here, and being close to Chicago? I can still get to Chicago from PH just as easily by train. It's about a 2 hour longer trip--but i still get there.  Time to go back east, probably by transfer if i can manage it. Then i can take a few months and get bankruptcy filed AND start up my immigration process.  If i can't transfer i'm probably better off moving back to PH and then applying while i'm there again at one of the other pharmacies. I'd rather part on good terms, at the very least and with lots of warning.  I can still get unemployment i think, but i'll have to apply for it ASAP after i resign if that happens.

Some basic planning, lots of hair pulling in the future. I'm going to Anime Central 2011 for sure. I just won't be buying much of anything.  I have to cough up 180$ by june 4th or head straight to jail for 5 days.  Which if it does happen? i WILL lose my job for sure. So yeah. Don't mind me figuring out where i can get a total of 370$ (second set of fines from when i was arrested) out of thin air over the next month.

For now? Sleep, after i call work.
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My time in limbo is almost over.  Heading to the court tomorrow morning to get this done and over with.  Already spoke to Treasury about the fines for the other stuff, and tomorrow is Secretary of State and the district court. 

Definitely liked this time with my family but i am MORE than ready to just get back to work, dammit.  I HAD intended to be working this last week.

One good thing? Meeting my brand new nephew, born april 21st. :D Evan Scott

We leave for GR at 4am.  Bleagh. but oh well. Home again. At least until i sort out things, since i think i'm going to head back to PH at this point. Probably won't happen until summer, but its definitely in the cards.  Time to start looking for a transfer.
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Bleagh. I'm really ready to just fall OVER. I want to write a bit, adn i have work tomorrow. *pouts* I'm insanely excited about Anime Central this year as always but GARGGGH. I'm just at that period where i NEED a vacation as much as i want one. As i said, far too much work.

I'd also love having the weather stay warm for just a bit. But that's far too much ask from Michigan.

Just call it seasonal frustration. I still need to go visit mom before i head over to Chicago too. Still trying to fiddle my money into that little trip as well. At least i have the vacation days to use for that to begin with.  For now?  I don't want change quite yet, but i'm really ready to just have a few days of fun compared to this grind.
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Always a little tiring, and though its been fun for me i've been fighting a headache all day.  Between that and my aching mouth, from the wisdom teeth deciding i wasn't be able to eat my dinner all that well. I had to go slowly through the ham we had today. *sighs*  I should get some leftovers and keep them in the freezer until after i get my teeth pulled.  Probably the plan i think.  See if i can take some of the cookies mom and my niece, the little monkey made. (yes i call her chibi saru!)

Things are definitely better here though. I'm stupidly glad.  I got a lot of clothes that look great, and the big thing? A sony Ereader(still new!), that i've been fooling with on and off all day. Already have a few things on it, via my usual looking around online. *grin*  I'll be browsing all the public domain stuff i can grab soon though.  Mom got it through a friend, and i've been curious about the format. I didn't want them to spend a fortune on something that i may not even use in the end if i don't like it. If it works out, i'll probably get a Kindle or a Nook later on.  But i want to see how i do with this for a year or so.  I don't really need wireless on it at the moment. I wonder if i can toss some manga on it... (so i can catch up on Saiyuki!)

Now if i could make this headache back off more, i'd be happier. But its definitely been good.

My brother and his daughter got a Wii so we've been taking turns at the Wii bowling and Super Mario Bros (wii version) since last night. Mom got a Nintendo DS. :D Yes, my mother is the gamer of the family. She always was the best of the house, even compared to my brother. She has the patience to grind her way through them every night. If i ever got her into an MMORPG i'd be scared! *laughs* I remember us taking weeks to get through Star Tropics on the original Nintendo console when i was a kidlet. She'd play, i'd be reading the Nintendo power mag and tossing out where to go.  It worked, we won!  I'm a geek on my own, but there were the sillier aspects of my family like that. Mom and my brother are the gamers. Dad wasn't, and neither am i. 

Anyway, now to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special. :D 
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Made it here to PH in one piece, though i REALLY need to get some new sparkplugs for Gytha. But i'm here, and we're getting stuff all set.

By the Way? I HATE getting up at 8am. The sun wasn't even up entirely yet. If you haven't figured it out i HATE mornings. (NAP NAO PLZKTHX)

Have fun with your families tonight. :D
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