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Oh i'm still alive. Just busy with far too much for my liking and trying to keep at least marginally sane. Also: obsessing over new music from an old band that i've seen live twice and still love. The lead singer sounds a lot like Chris Cornell, but he's definitely his own creature. The band is just amazing, in and out of the studio. 

Big Wreck. One of the canadian rock bands that i can't help but love. They only had one song that got any airplay in the US and it never took off over here. Back it the late 90s, the song was called The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted). Look it up on soundclound, you wont' be dissappointed.  But they had a really successfull run in their home country, broke up around 2003-4 and then just got back together back in 2011. YAY. :D 

So their new album has two songs i'm going crazy over at the moment and trying to sort into my plotbunny filled existence while i deal with job hunting, wowcrack, and tumblr invading my life. That my family drives me nuts goes without saying. This is my way to cope. 
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I finally got around to getting my paws on the BBC Sherlock OST. I was right in that they are absolutely amazing on their own merit. The mix of orchestra and the older period instruments and modern score tricks is what caught my ear originally. It really hasn’t changed my opinion in 2 years and two series. The stuff is frankly amazing in how it carries the story and doesn’t intrude. Which is pretty much all i ask of a score.

David Arnold and Michael Price are so commended for putting this together. The tiny bits of ambient tossed into the mixture of old and new also just MAKE it. It’s subtle, unless you catch it at the right time or have a trained ear like my crazy self. ^^;;

I have yet to really pin down a favorite, as i’m on my first listening of them. I will soon enough.

First impressions though? An incredible fusion of period victorian instrumentals and instruments with all the modern trappings to add to the sheer substance of the sound. The movements are layered and nuanced in ways worthy of oscar winning film scores. It’s just hard to beat things like this. Severely hard to beat them. Fusions always catch my ear cause they can be blatant or they can be subtle and devious. This is the latter.  It starts obvious and then draws you into the ambient parts without pause till you drool even harder.

It feeds into the growing relationship between John and Sherlock as they figure each other out in the first series, right up until that cliffhanger that had the fans howling across the world. This is exactly what a good score is supposed to do. Enhance the story without words. Then keeps you there in Series 2 and just adds even more to the shocks, horrors, and joys of it all. Series 3 is highly anticipated and i’m up for more than just John punching him in the face twice, crying and tackling him with joy. I want to hear the score that goes with it. :D


PS. The bint is in jail because she skipped out on her community service and didn't pay her fine. BHAHAHAHAH. Sorry, but i can't help it. Now i'm mostly just tired because cranky nephew is cranky. He's a stroppy 15 month old and keeping up with him is nuts. Mom and i can't do it on a constant basis, and scott knows it. He's going to have to arrange for help, and be an active daddy while he's here. For now? I've been gloating because she's gone, when not falling over from going after my imp of a nephew.

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THIS is how you do dance oriented pop. Freaking EARWORM.

total LOVE. Great voices, well executed and hot as hell as a bonus. Behehee
So i'm a liiiiitle bit biased. ^^

ETA: Yes i'm aware there is a japanese version of this song out too now, but this is the far better one. :P Something about hanguel lends itself well to this genre. Incredibly well.

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I seem to have thrown together an unintentional fanmix of my bizarre crazy mixes of stuff. One that is partly Steve's bad smooth jazz/boyband/jpop/kpop self would LOVE. It still amuses me greatly that this badass Navy SEAL loves music like that. I am pretty sure he'd love DBSK and Immi, and even Monkey Majik. Good music all of them--but far too peppy for Danny's tastes. *is a total DORK*   The other half is all my guitar bands and whatnot of which i think fit Danny. Doa being most prominent to go back with his love of The Boss and Bon Jovi.  I don't have any Sinatra to toss in, but i'll save that for some other mix. Still? WTF BRAIN.

I'll post it some other time. Right now i need to get this chapter out of my bloody HEAD.
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I need an icon for my electronica geeking, i swear. Also? Sleeping? Not happening the more i listen to this sountrack.  

I saw the flick, oh gods was it FUN. XD Exactly as i thought, and i was far too amused by the zen and tao angles. It worked, really considering the tones of the first movie which i adored and still adore to this day. It wasn't anything brilliant, like Ghost in the Shell or even the first Matrix film but it was an excellent ride.  It had more than enough nods to the original film to keep old fans happy and plenty of high octane action for the new generations.  In the end for me though? The thing that really made it was the soundtrack. Tapping Daft Punk to do this OST was a flash of brilliance on the part of the producer, who also happened to be the director of the first TRON way back in 1982. :D  They gave what could have been a mediocre movie the sheer atmosphere to keep the viewer engaged. I saw how things were going pretty damned fast plot wise, but between the soundtrack guiding me along the way it did in the first film? Much less my interest in how they were going to get to that end? I was quite happy.  The actors kept things going and i didn't hate them.  It could have been a LOT worse, but it was a great watch. I'd go again, and i probably will much later. But only to see that combo of visuals and sound again, just a pure treat for the eyes and ears.

The men of Daft Punk payed homage to Wendy Carlos's original score and then some. Then they took it beyond that, used that basis to just soar above it and beyond it.  They really are fanboys of the first film and its music, through and through.

(Also, my slash goggles flashed on Kevin/TRON there for a bit. WTF. But seriously? How could you miss it? )
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The car problem is solved for now. I can't do much of anything with it unless i want to pay upwards of 500$ to get the tranny fixed and i'd rather not. So just going to get the sparkplugs changed and the distributor cap, and maybe a bit of wiring and see how long i can go with that. It should give me enough time to figure out a way to get another car. But its running again.

In the meantime? OMFG.

i got my greedy little paws on the Tron: Legacy OSTs. Just as i thought, it's gorgeous stuff. This is what happens when you give guys who already do orchestral movements in their music an actual orchestra to PLAY with.  They've basically taken a lot of the feel and sound of the first OST from 1982 and paid homage to it, and then added another entire dimension to the sounds with their own audio wizardry. It's amazing. Nothing less from Daft Punk. :D 

I am SO going to see this tomorrow night after work. *flails* Good or bad, i expect to be well entertained.
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Two hours and counting into the restoration process. It'll give me the factory settings again but that'll be something to start with all over again. XD

Also listening to my Peregrine Mix over and over. I need to publish that soonish. I've been far too lazy to do so. Tomorrow? i have a day OFF. YAY.

That's about all that's on my mind. I might post again when Hidari's restoration is complete. Right now i'm just glaring at the 'Software is being installed' screen. Basically all my HP software i got when i bought this baby in june. Though i do need to put Norton 360 back on him too--but that won't take long at all.

ETA: 11.40pm EST DONE! Now to restore a few things i want back on there. *cracks knuckles*
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Yes. The song has been out for a few weeks now. But egads i love the Foos.

I'll watch the new SGA after i wake up. This is just too good. The entire album is worth buying too. Grohl did an acoustic track *drools buckets* (now on my amazon wishlist...)

What? I'm a pop enthusiast but it has to be GOOD pop, not the crap that makes 'popular radio' most of the time. The Foos are the exception to the rule.
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Had my first offical day on the job at a party in SL today. Fun though.  Made a bundle in tips and the whole party was a roaring success in terms of our Beefcake Auction. 

My work hours are fairly steady at the moment, i'm just tired as all hell. I didn't have much downtime this week. Next week looks to remedy that, so i don't work more than 3 days in a row. Thank goodness.  I'll tell more, but likely after work when i'm ready to rest again. 

DJing is great, and i love having this outlet for my musical leanings. But  ye gods..i forgot just how much mental efforts go into DJing. Even from the comfort of your own home, it's draining! My way is so much trained from having to do it live and with nothign preset it's half intutive to begin with. It still takes a lot out of you, but oh man is it FUN. 
That's why i loved it so much when i did it in college. Glad i can do it on a semi professional basis and even get paid for it. This is really like a second job, particularly if i'm able to make a few extra bucks a month from it. 

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I hate this. The pollen count was off the scale today, as was the humidity. So guess what happens? i go into a minor asthma attack at work. I had two near fainting spells before 1pm, when Teri was due in. We tried to get Julie in to spot the rest of my shift today, but she wasn't available.

Of course, as i'm walking out the door. Doug asks if i'm leaving and is having a hissy fit. I attempt to wheeze at him to tell him that everything is pretty much done in pharmacy aside from little things to be looked over if they get time. Going on about 'tommorrow is an important day for us!' As if all my work over friday and saturday meant nothing to his dumb ass. Of course, he also demands a Dr's note in return when i come back, as if i could fake my wheezing! Really, really an ass. Because i had been intending to nurse the attack as best i could with my emergency inhaler. It wasn't EVEN close to as severe an attack i've had before. By the time i pulled into Urgent Care, my lung capacity was already returning! I just wasn't capable of working the rest of the day because of that slow return. Not without passing out on the pace we keep on mondays. Of course, this is Doug we're talking about. Passive Agressive with no sense of empathy for those that do have actual problems. Not like i wanted to leave the shift, but the ringing in my ears kind of demanded it! We were fairly well set for yearly inventory, he didn't need to worry himself sick over it. Eeesh.

Now i hurt on my left side, where the endo was and some likely still exists there that isn't visible. I'm tired but better. The nebulizer treatment DID help my throat clear as that was still constricted from teh attack when i went in. I could breathe, but not fully. Eating, sleeping and taking the prednisone helped the rest along.

I was more mad at Doug being such an ass about the Dr's note. It's not like i PLAN these attacks, they just happen. And because it happened on a monday, i can't get into my Primary physicians office. (sat on hold for 10 minutes), hence the trip to urgent care.  Because he wants a Dr's note because Yearly inventory is tommorrow! For no other reason than that. 

This just pisses me off, after all the fun of the last few weeks. I loved returning to work last week. It's good to be back. AND i had my debut in Second Life as a streaming DJ.

I have two official gigs coming up this month in Caledon, the home of my avatar there. One on the 22, which will be the South Pacific party. The second is on the 30th, which is to provide music for a fellow citizen's auction. Both events are for the Relay for Life Charity Drive. Which we're only halfway through at this point. I'm not in overload of it because of work, thankfully. Which helps, because everyone else is in our group of 4 crazy, music loving DJs at Radio Riel.

I figure if i can't get the job right away as an actual music recording tech. I can provide a service i don't mind doing, that gets me expenses for SL. Also lets me share my love of music with the rest of the users there. I've DJ'd before, so it's not like i'm unexperienced. Just need to get used to the form of Winamp, instead of actual Cd players.(1997-2000, before mp3s became widespread) The equipment is different, but the work is the same. and i had a blast DJing in my community college in port huron. The only reason i left is becuase the politicking among the heads of the program pissed me off. Much less the format changes that killed and made us loose our old alternative rock listening base. This is a return to radio in it's original form. So i'm all for it.

I'll start putting up bits of my playlist now and then. But for now, i'm just glad to have this to offset my normal job. Just for the sheer love of it, and the rest of my co-workers in the staff of Radio Riel are the same. Different styles, but the love of music is our common thread.
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