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Dammit. i'm trying to write this detail for the Dresden/H50 fic of doom and i'm having to research That detail too. How would this particular entity perceive this family style? *throws hands up* I should just sleep on it and work on it tomorrow. Bleagh. I know enough pagan people to ask to the point where i might be able to figure out how the 'flavor' would be.  It's the only thing really blocking me from finishing this chapter and its driving me up the wall. Danny's voice is just fine, it's the critter he's talking to that's gotta be just right. My mythology bent swings between blessing and curse on nights like this.
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*thud* Munching on some mcdonald's and pretty much collapsing. Not a lot i want to do tomorrow beyond resting and unpacking. I'm still stupidly happy i got that Figuarts Kamen Rider Gatack. I got myself a Kagami to go with my Kuuga. Now all i need is one of the Double variations and i'll be complete in my favorites catagory. :D

Hope everyone else made it back safe!
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A little blurry but here ya go. :D Tokusatsu fan? YES! I haz my Acculular, my Kuuga is covered up in my clothes along with my Go-OnBlue figurine underneath all that. But i wasn't going ot repack afterwards.

3 hours and i'm on my way. Sleep? What Sleep? XD

Forgive the blurry. My camera isn't the best.
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Heya all.

Yes i'm still here. Just been wandering around fandom and living with crazies, nothing new there. *grin*

BUT It's Anime Central time and i'm on my way in a matter of hours. 6am train from Port Huron, and i'll be in chicago around noonish. I'll try to post from there, but we'll see. For now? I'm finishing the last of my packing and getting things set to go.

Life's been a bit nuts. new live action fandoms, anime's been rather meh, but Toku's still going strong. Especially as i've been catching up on stuff i've been stalling on. We've got our two panels to present this year. our Tokusatsu 101 stuff, and Tokusatsu Tropes. Looking forward to introducing the genre to new people and seeing a few old friends at the Tropes panel. *grin* We have far too much fun presenting these, year after year. I wish i had more than my Shoutarou Hidari cosplay but that's not happening this year. Maybe next year i can either have made, or make my out GUYS jacket. Cause my favorite by far is Ryuu from that particular Ultraman show. Although...there's also teh EYES uniforms from Ultraman Cosmos. Cause Fubuki is just all kinds of awesome. Musashi's adorable but Fubuki is just so much fun in his perpetual grumpy badassery.

I might even try to finish writing that next chapter of Kahuna i've been working on. I'm not quite done yet, but i'm stuck on a bit of dialogue. Maybe this weekend will shake it out. I need a change of scenery and a weekend of geeking out should do it. 

We're having a long awaited reunion though. [ profile] sychogrl is coming back this year, and [ profile] padfut_n_prongs is coming for the first time. With luck next year, we'll have a [ profile] mbwun again. For now? Laughter, pictures and general fun and games of the fangirl variety.

Something i've definitely needed, and maybe i'll get that fanfic written. :D
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Oh my goodness. I've seen most of the 1966 debut season of Ultraman in a watch along with [ profile] touma_karamochi  last year. But i started watching Ultraman: Mebius and fell in love. They basically took everything that had messed up with the 2000 onwards shows and then figured out how to make it work. and work in the best way!

Ryuu's constant prodding and pushing of Mirai to the limits and the team that surrounded them both as everyone got put through the wringer. Especially with the last third of the show's 50 eps.  I'm just amused that Ryuu constantly expressed himself at his loudest for Mirai all the time, and then was only quiet when he was all supportive fiance there at the end.  It brought a smile to my face more often then not when i wasn't holding my breath during some of the nastier things the kaijuu threw  at the crew. The massive glomping all over the show was adorable too. I can't remember if i saw a sentai team that did that as much as GUYS did. ^_^ 

It was basically the usual heroes quest and rite of passage mixed in with all the fun battles, and the side plot of Tsurugi  with an added sub theme of redemption. I agree with Touma that we both want to see an Ultra show with a blue ultra, a scientist not a warrior leading the cast. It would be an interesting turnaround of things, and barring that a female Ultra since we know they exist.  Same old story, but wow did they ever tell it well.

Now i need to watch the Gaiden/sequel episodes after i have a bit of a break. A few days, i think.  i also have some plans to watch Ultraman Jack , and maybe Gaia at some point.  Jack is a must, because what i saw of Gou in Mebius was amazing. That is one HELL of a character to come out of the Showa era! He also seems to have a few interesting variations of his own, including being a tank fighter compared to the Ultra finesse fighter standard.

(yes, i couldn't resist using the lyric from As Time Goes By from Casablanca. MUSIC GEEK here! ^_^ ;; )
So now i have two toku things niggling at me to be written. Date and Gotou this weekend i think, and then i maybe a dash of Ryuu and Mirai later for sure. I still need to rewatch ep's 37 and 38 before i do that.  Thankfully i remember so very much of that slow, but lovely B plot for Date and Gotou that i don't need to rewatch a whole lot. 
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I seem to have thrown together an unintentional fanmix of my bizarre crazy mixes of stuff. One that is partly Steve's bad smooth jazz/boyband/jpop/kpop self would LOVE. It still amuses me greatly that this badass Navy SEAL loves music like that. I am pretty sure he'd love DBSK and Immi, and even Monkey Majik. Good music all of them--but far too peppy for Danny's tastes. *is a total DORK*   The other half is all my guitar bands and whatnot of which i think fit Danny. Doa being most prominent to go back with his love of The Boss and Bon Jovi.  I don't have any Sinatra to toss in, but i'll save that for some other mix. Still? WTF BRAIN.

I'll post it some other time. Right now i need to get this chapter out of my bloody HEAD.
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I need an icon for my electronica geeking, i swear. Also? Sleeping? Not happening the more i listen to this sountrack.  

I saw the flick, oh gods was it FUN. XD Exactly as i thought, and i was far too amused by the zen and tao angles. It worked, really considering the tones of the first movie which i adored and still adore to this day. It wasn't anything brilliant, like Ghost in the Shell or even the first Matrix film but it was an excellent ride.  It had more than enough nods to the original film to keep old fans happy and plenty of high octane action for the new generations.  In the end for me though? The thing that really made it was the soundtrack. Tapping Daft Punk to do this OST was a flash of brilliance on the part of the producer, who also happened to be the director of the first TRON way back in 1982. :D  They gave what could have been a mediocre movie the sheer atmosphere to keep the viewer engaged. I saw how things were going pretty damned fast plot wise, but between the soundtrack guiding me along the way it did in the first film? Much less my interest in how they were going to get to that end? I was quite happy.  The actors kept things going and i didn't hate them.  It could have been a LOT worse, but it was a great watch. I'd go again, and i probably will much later. But only to see that combo of visuals and sound again, just a pure treat for the eyes and ears.

The men of Daft Punk payed homage to Wendy Carlos's original score and then some. Then they took it beyond that, used that basis to just soar above it and beyond it.  They really are fanboys of the first film and its music, through and through.

(Also, my slash goggles flashed on Kevin/TRON there for a bit. WTF. But seriously? How could you miss it? )
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My car crapped out me, monday night and i'm still trying to solve it. I'm hoping it's just a small issue, but its a pain when i try to shift into Reverse or Drive and i literally stall. The engine turns over and runs quite well. The tranny isn't dead either, but that's just a bizarre reaction. II can run forever in park, but the minute i try to go anywhere, i stall.  So tomorrow, it goes to a garage. I'd prefer it while i'm working, but i won't be working tomorrow. Means i have to use another of my sick days in the meantime. ARGH.

Of course, my muses came back the night before and i'd written a fusion of Dresden and the new Hawaii FiveO, which i'm amused at. The new FiveO is total fluff from my perspective, but fun to watch. I get the 'team' feeling i had from Stargate: Atlantis all over again, along with the added snark and chemistry of the male leads. I might try to write a bit tonight or i may  not. For the moment? I'm still just annoyed at the car. AGAIN. I'd rather have bought something better, but i couldn't afford that. Now i'm still up to my ears in shit with this POS. But i dont' have any money to get anything else.

Ah well, time to work this through somehow.
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On my way home from work tonight at 9 while i drove home? My brain somehow fixated onto a Merlin/Arthur fanmix. This will be my first. The fun bit is going to be photoshopping the 'cover' of it. I think i can manage but its a very good thing i got teh next 3 days off to clean and whatnot.

Oh the music by the way? Spans between 1977 to 2010. *cackles with glee*  Hopefully this wakes up my other muses.  I made it with the AU i've created in my Bird of Prey series in mind.

In the tradition of my usual 'mixes' and sets i do as a Presenter in SL already, i jump languages like crazy. I think Middle English, Hanguego(South Korea's spoken language), Japanese and of course English. 

A little more ironing out of the playlist, then i can get around ot the rest of the details.
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I have a train to catch at 7.30am. yes, its Anime Central time. Two panels this year, with [ profile] touma_karamochi  the Saiyuki fanpanel and the tokusatsu one both on friday. Saturday is to play and watch (oh yeah and PHOTOSHOOT), and generally hang out. Sunday? Rapid packing, rush out and generally find out way out of the place. Monday? Back home to crash.  No money to buy stuff, but i just wanna be there.

It's been a long time coming. Now lets see how much more i can cram onto my Zune before i have to leave at 6.30am to catch my train. *rubs hands* I already have the latest Doctor Who, Avatar, and a bit of House of Five Leaves. Yes, i;'m packing in the middle of all this too. Five days away from everything, including work. A good thing, after this last year. 

My mom's situation is all settled, my brother's still looking for work. Now i can concentrate on myself.

ETA: 4.36AM. *falls over* Okay, packed! Not traveling as light as i thought i would, but the trip back will be much lighter instead of heavier this time around.
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