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Hello everyone!

Yeah it's been forever since i've posted here since i'm primarily on tumblr nowadays. But i figured i'd wander back to this to make sure it's still up and active.

It's beena  long couple of years for me. Grandma passing away. Last year my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. We caught it early and she got it removed. But we had to slog through 6 months of chemotherapy this year from january to late june. She's on the slow road to recovery now. She's having more good than bad days, which is awesome. Besides her Fibro, diabetes and teh RA in her ankles and lower back, it's all working otu slowly.

The BEST news has been my brother moving out in late june and taking his drama and bullshit with him. He didn't do shit to help mom along with chemo, just dumped it all on me. Then got mad when i was concentrating on helping mom and not his shit. He didn't seem to care at all that she wasn't able to do a lot of things for that half year.  I had enough dealing with that and my own health issues.

For my side of it all? It was keeping enough spoons free for myself while helping mom out. I got onto MI medicaid so i have help with my own pain management. Now that things are settling down and i'm back to slowly handling the crippling anxiety (with meds) that came out of livign with my asshole brother and the stress of helping mom out? It's a good thing. My pain is managed, at the least. Now i need to get around to working again. Whether i do it from home or do something else? We'll see.

I'm hoping that i'll be able to write again sooner or later. 
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Not dead, just tired. Dad and Uncle Chuck are fine as i found out last night from both mom's and grandma's phone calls. Now i just need to get my paperwork filled out for the Medical Leave of Absence and make the pre-op appointment BEFORE AnimeCentral. 

Getting my lungs to stop deciding that today breathing was optional? Not fun. I think it had something to do with the three gazillion dandelions outside. I feel human again, just dragging.I didn't have to go to the doctor's either. I should have more to say in a day or so, maybe a bit less. 

For now? i think i'm going to go splat again.
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Now it's day two that i've missed classes because of overpowering nausea and pain.  I hate you endometriosis.  I managed to make work after doping myself up judiciously before work. I'll have to do it again today and move very slowly in order to make sure i do everything correctly.  Come home, crash and not get up again.  But classes are out of the question again. Which pisses me off. At least until this latest bout is done with. I"ll have to do the homework for both my classes tonight, if i can still concetrate.  Tommorrow is going to be tricky. To see if i can at least make the last two days of the week classes.  I can concentrate but on things i'm already familar with. New subjects are leaving me blinking and going 'what?' at.  

As it is, i seek my bed once more. just..fucking ow.  I wanna turn it in and not get another. i don't care if i don't get money back, just take it fucking away so i can live without this bloody well pain.
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