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Of course it's my brother's idiot girlfriend doing the aggravation. I make a comment about her son leaving his older sister's real cellphone alone. He's not even 2 years old. He doesn't know any better about throwing things. This will BREAK and it was not paid for by us. Sarah's mother would not be happy if it was destroyed by a toddler. Not at all. Of course, the bint chooses to instead snap at me to 'leave him alone, he's fine. he plays with it all the time.'. My reply. He's not old enough to know better to not throw it. It's a real cell, not an actual toy! Pretty much what my comments amount to. No minutes does NOT mean he can break his big sister's cell. 

Egads i want to kill her some days. She's been basically fighting with my brother over petty shit the last 2 days, and i expect this to last well until the new year has passed. Because she IS that petty and she hates my guts because i tell her that she has actual boundrys and to actually CONTROL HER SON. I tell her son no all the time. Not any different than her screaming it at him. I just don't scream. He tends to listen to me too. When he doesn't, he gets a swat. He understands his auntie means business, even when he's not that old yet. There are reasons i call my nephew an Imp(my nickname for him *grin*), and that's one of them. He tries to push it with everyone, including me. I just don't let him get away with everything. Exactly the way i was raised. He's a smart little thing, and i know exactly how that goes. Some of the smart ones are well behaved, then you have shit disturbers in training like my nephew. i adore him, but his mother is an uncivilized savage. I'm civil to her face, she just attempts to pick fights with me and then stomps off in a prima donna huff when i don't fall for the bait. 

But yeah, that's been pretty much standard operating procedure the last few months. I'm still job hunting and i'm enjoying the holidays on a quiet note. But otherwise? Quite ready for her to stop her shit. 

Fandom wise? BBC's Merlin ends tonight over in the UK. It'll be a while before the US gets season 5, but i'll be paying attention to my tumblr to find out. *grin* It's been a great run for a show and i still love the fandom. 
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Still alive, i'm just up to my ears in family crazies. Which isn't new. 
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I had an 'audition' of sorts for a telemarketing for charity company. I did do my best, but my sincerity wasn't enough for them. They wanted a bloody stupid cheerleader culture. Not my style. Not EVER my style. As if cold calling isn't back breaking enough to begin with! I was the choir jock, the scifi/fantasy girlgeek. I could never buy into the cheerleader culture, i started to get annoyed with it by age 11 or 12, i think. Just before high school.

The cause? i honestly liked, but i'm much better suited to retail settings. I'm allowed to improvise if need be and do what's needed. Just. Yargh. Cynicism is allowed. Not that sarcasm wasn't, but i wasn't really comfortable in that office. It would have been write ups within a week and possibly an ulcer in a month. No way, and not again.

It just reminded me of how much i changed, even when i was a lot younger. Why i basically left that whole subculture in the dust at 16 with my general 'fuck it, i'm going military' at that age. After that? It was easy to distance myself from the stupidity of thinking/acting. I will never be that ON. It's exhausting, and frankly? Bloody well INSANE.
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She's been calling here for the last 2 hours. At least 10 times so far. Obsessively. Because she wants my brother to move heaven and earth to bring her BABY WIPES. She's the one who ran off, she's the one who tortures him all the time on the phone with whatever she says to him. (not that he doesn't deserve it). She forgets he has a bloody well job to go to, and that he's got a court date he has to make today as well.  A court date her current benefactors are responsible for shoving on him. He can't make it over there because she wants him to bring her shit. She has to figure out how to ask the OTHER people she lives with for help.  She doesn't want to live here (and i dont' want her here again besides), she needs to learn to fend for her bloody well self.

I'm betting she's going to call at least 5 more times to bitch at him for not doing what she wants NOW before he leaves to go downtown. If she doesn't, its because they've been arguing on the phone for the last freaking hour.  She's a five year old, i swear.

In the meantime? I just wanna pull my pillow over my head and ignore this shit. She gives me a headache.  (yes this is the little brother's idiot mother of his 3rd child and on again off again 'girlfriend' depending on her current mood)
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I'm wanting to kill our boarder in teh house. He decided he could clean up the sunroom so he could put all his stuff from storage in there. he was also sloshed to the gills. I'm talking three sheets to the winds drunk, so he threw things out we did not WANT thrown out, and he did it without permission. He was also so drunk he was insulting me about still being unemployed. (no calls back, what are you going to do?) Saying he earns more money than i do. I never did get to tell him, since he irritated me so badly that he may have more money than i do now on unemployment. What i want to tell him is that he's going to run OUT of unemployment and it may take a while for me to find the job, but in the end? I'll have a better job than he'll ever get, and i'll be in it a lot longer.  Also told me i don't belong in this house. Whcih is funny, he's the boarder (friend of my brothers), but I"M the daughter of the owner of the house.

So yeah. I'm in the middle of a flare up because of all thsi shit last night. i was close to a flare last night, before we came home to hours worth of work at 1am. all that work? has me sore today, my leg hurts badly and i'm tired from all the pain. So yeah.

I haevn't spoken with him since last night and i don't plan on doing again anytime in the next day.

On a good note? I'm going to be doing a bit of a project for Hikari Senshi fansubs beyond the basic timing work.  So my half fluency should come in handy again.   What i WANTED to do is a bit up in the air because of a bizarre mixture of dubs and subs out, but nothing that's just straight raw episodes of this particular heisei Ultraman show i want to do. Ah well.  ^^  We'll see.

In the end? GAARARGH. i just want some rest, dammit. and NO DRAMA.
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