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Hello everyone!

Yeah it's been forever since i've posted here since i'm primarily on tumblr nowadays. But i figured i'd wander back to this to make sure it's still up and active.

It's beena  long couple of years for me. Grandma passing away. Last year my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. We caught it early and she got it removed. But we had to slog through 6 months of chemotherapy this year from january to late june. She's on the slow road to recovery now. She's having more good than bad days, which is awesome. Besides her Fibro, diabetes and teh RA in her ankles and lower back, it's all working otu slowly.

The BEST news has been my brother moving out in late june and taking his drama and bullshit with him. He didn't do shit to help mom along with chemo, just dumped it all on me. Then got mad when i was concentrating on helping mom and not his shit. He didn't seem to care at all that she wasn't able to do a lot of things for that half year.  I had enough dealing with that and my own health issues.

For my side of it all? It was keeping enough spoons free for myself while helping mom out. I got onto MI medicaid so i have help with my own pain management. Now that things are settling down and i'm back to slowly handling the crippling anxiety (with meds) that came out of livign with my asshole brother and the stress of helping mom out? It's a good thing. My pain is managed, at the least. Now i need to get around to working again. Whether i do it from home or do something else? We'll see.

I'm hoping that i'll be able to write again sooner or later. 
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I'm going to try to write something iv'e had boiling in my head for a while, and then i'm going to blow shit up in WoW. At the moment? I'm mostly pissed off. it's been hours worth of arguing and a whiny baby all morning long, and it just seems to get worse every day because my brother just refuses to let the bint leave him outright. I'd rather kick her out, even if i worry for the baby, she doesn't deserve to be here and she has no respect for Mom or I.  He's also an idiot who wont' file for custody while he knows she's still in town so she can't take off with the baby. Not as if there isn't enough issues with her upcoming due date for the fine for the shoplifting she did while he was in jail for 8 weeks. She'll probably go to jail, and it better be because scott will NOT pay for it. She needs to learn something. She can't play the baby card while violating the points of the reason the judge didn't slam her behind bars for stealing at least 200$ worth of merch. Frankly, neither of them have no respect for mom or i. Or the fact that this is mom's house, not his.

Blowing shit up in WoW will be quite cathartic. Especially with my brand new little dwarf fire mage on Elune. I am LOVING Pyroblast. Things go BOOM, i feel better. Writing will help the other way, with just having the feedback of fandom again because that's always a good thing, and i have a couple new fandoms to play around in besides.

Things will improve, but egads i wanna slap them both upside the head and rattle their brains. But it wouldn't do any good, and the bint probably WANTS me to slug her so she can claim i assaulted her. Because according to her 'i don't belong in this house.' when she's the one brought in without permission and this is MY family home. I'm the eldest daughter and she has far less right to be here than i do. I'm also not using my nephew for leverage so she can stay. Skank, leech, manipulative little bint. There's so much more i could call her, but like i said. blow shit up. Job hunting continues, but there's so much stupid shit going down i don't like leaving mom alone here. Especially with the bint present who does NOTHING to help her. Just eats all the food we buy.
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Bleagh. Laundry day. I feel like i should be vegetating more, but there's more to do today. I hashed out the third chapter of Kahuna and i've plans for the next couple, but gargh. Its sunny, but still damned cold.  Mostly following the situation in Wisconsin and keeping an eye out for what's happening here in Michigan and our 'businessman conservative' Governor Snyder. Not that i'd be able to participate anyway as it is.

I want to do something, but i'm not sure what at this point. Contemplating a movie, or just being cheap and staying in. I still have more cleaning to do at the moment as it is.  Feh, i'll figure it out after i eat something.
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But i finally feel like writing things again. I haven't ignored my flist, but i've been so far out of things that i feel like i've been pushing others away. I have, i know. Most of it was becuase i needed a bit of space. Feeling broke, depressed and knocked down by chronic pain tends to do that to one. So i kinda dropped off the radar for the longest time.

Today helped me feel better. We've had a full day of sunshine for the first time in just short of 3 weeks. I never realized that i did have some mild seasonal disorders of my own. But recoginizing it helped me push it away. The sun today as i went and picked up my books and made sure i had money to use for parking this first semester of mine at Grand Rapids Community College just made me feel even better.

Leaving behind a lot of pain of the last month. I'm still broke(at least until that financial aid refund check comes), but not for long. It was so bad after i put away a couple of warehouse orders from work i wondered if it was worth getting out of bed for. But i still did. Even with the tramadol doing its work and taking the worst of it away. It was a fun few weeks as i did that, hard but fun. It proved that i could do it. It's not a posh job, it's just something else to do. I was even called in and switched a shift because they knew they couldn't rely on a girl that's been there longer than i to do it. To quote Teri 'You've gotten quite adept at it.' XD Which helps in a business as crazy as the one i work in.

Christmas was wild and yet quiet all at once. Oh and a very belated thank you to [ profile] tgreywords, [ profile] imayb1 for the cards. Kiro and Tav for my plotbunny! (and everyone else my brain refuses to remember) it sits on my monitor with my raven from the tower of london and kakashi-sensei gashopon. ^_^ um yesh..minor theme thing going there. Happy Bday to Sarabi-chan and [ profile] tgreywords too. Yet another thing that i missed while trying not to wallow too badly in a continuous bad mood. *hugs you both*

But i DID have something to pass the time with. I seem to have a found a new source of crack. To go along with complete adoration of Mushishi this year. Stargate: Atlantis. Flawed characters, evil script writers and brilliant character actors as well. Myth and science geekery all tossed into a show with much geeking by the characters themselves.

In which i fangirl mercilessly )

But that's what i've been doing with myself. So YAY. Classes begin. Yet another thing to keep me up and going. I'm ready for this. Now to plot how i'm going to survive my first classes in five years and ACEN planning.

For writing? I need to start again. Probably will with a few drabbles or something. I've had so much bouncing in my head and no want to write it out. I just need to get things flowing. The fandom i've loved the last three years has changed again and i've fallen into another one while i was taking my sabbatical. *grins* Now to shake the snow mud from my boots and start moving again. Even in this unseasonably warm west michigan winter. I haven't left Saiyuki by a long shot, but i'm settling into a new phase of it. That's the fun part. While being a complete newbie to the SGA one.

Also? GIP: Because this icon makes my inner fangirl giggle. Double meaning in the slash factor AND the sheer geek factor of it.
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