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I really want to boot this bitch into next week. Seriously. I just want to be left alone, or else have her do something other than tell me where to take her and not get any gas money for it.

Next update will be fandom related, i  swear!
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I'm still live, I just keep getting engrossed in other stuff. ^^;; I'll post later, as a lot has been happening for me. In both fandom and non-fandom. At the moment though? bleagh.
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Play happy family and feed your daughter, and your girlfriend but don't get anything for mom. This is after you butter her up on friday(by making breakfast) morning to ask if the idiot girlfriend could move back IN with us.  Then you yell at her all morning today because you don't get your way, and don't even ask me if i want to say yes or no to getting your asshole girlfriend's stuff to bring back here. Guess what, i'm saying no if you DO ask. She doesn't deserve my civility, she doesn't even talk to me unless she wants something from me. I'm polite to her only because its my nature, and you still won't tell the shit to my face that you yell at mom about to MY face, you freaking coward.

I have a pounding headache no thanks to your tv up full blast since 9am and your voices on just as loud, and your own swearing about the dog and the cat because they don't dance to your tune.  The dog is TERRIFIED of you because you yell at her, and the cat doesn't give a shit what you think. I live right next door to you, but you carry on as if i'm not there. At all hours of the day. I doubt you'll change if i do get a job. I was more considerate of you when i was working when you were little, asshole. You aren't of me, when you have a job and i'm still hunting for one.

No love,

My younger brother is an asshole but i had to get this out. As much as i love fandom i'm tired of this shit. He pulls it every chance he gets. Stupid bint of a girlfriend may be back in the house, but i give her a week before it goes to shit and she leaves again. This promise of 200$ a month? I doubt will be kept. Or if it is? Will go for maybe 2 months before he starts making excuses for not giving her anything. Meanwhile, teh bills to keep the house up? Will rise like crazy because the bint has no sense of organization or the ability to conserve power or resources. She can't keep a house. She has no ability whatsoever as much as he claims she does more than i do. Mom and i just need to leave. He can keep the house up, and drown in bills by himself. That way he can't blame anyone but himself.

I'm watching some Ultraman Cosmos today at some point, maybe it'll cheer me up a bit. I'm just tired right now. So very tired of this shit and i doubt it'll improve at all once i get a job. He doesn't look after mom the way he should, and he never will. Because he's a selfish little asshole. There are reasons i drew my boundries the minute i moved back in. He hates it that i made it clear and he knows it. Which is why he never tells me shit to my face, since he's too scared of me throwing it right back at him. I'm stronger than he is and he knows it. I've got my own pain disorder and i still kept myself up for as long as i could when i was working. I will again too.

Time to finish a few things and then run into town for an errand. Then i can attempt to relax for a little bit before the loudness and shit starts again.
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She's been calling here for the last 2 hours. At least 10 times so far. Obsessively. Because she wants my brother to move heaven and earth to bring her BABY WIPES. She's the one who ran off, she's the one who tortures him all the time on the phone with whatever she says to him. (not that he doesn't deserve it). She forgets he has a bloody well job to go to, and that he's got a court date he has to make today as well.  A court date her current benefactors are responsible for shoving on him. He can't make it over there because she wants him to bring her shit. She has to figure out how to ask the OTHER people she lives with for help.  She doesn't want to live here (and i dont' want her here again besides), she needs to learn to fend for her bloody well self.

I'm betting she's going to call at least 5 more times to bitch at him for not doing what she wants NOW before he leaves to go downtown. If she doesn't, its because they've been arguing on the phone for the last freaking hour.  She's a five year old, i swear.

In the meantime? I just wanna pull my pillow over my head and ignore this shit. She gives me a headache.  (yes this is the little brother's idiot mother of his 3rd child and on again off again 'girlfriend' depending on her current mood)
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I'm wanting to kill our boarder in teh house. He decided he could clean up the sunroom so he could put all his stuff from storage in there. he was also sloshed to the gills. I'm talking three sheets to the winds drunk, so he threw things out we did not WANT thrown out, and he did it without permission. He was also so drunk he was insulting me about still being unemployed. (no calls back, what are you going to do?) Saying he earns more money than i do. I never did get to tell him, since he irritated me so badly that he may have more money than i do now on unemployment. What i want to tell him is that he's going to run OUT of unemployment and it may take a while for me to find the job, but in the end? I'll have a better job than he'll ever get, and i'll be in it a lot longer.  Also told me i don't belong in this house. Whcih is funny, he's the boarder (friend of my brothers), but I"M the daughter of the owner of the house.

So yeah. I'm in the middle of a flare up because of all thsi shit last night. i was close to a flare last night, before we came home to hours worth of work at 1am. all that work? has me sore today, my leg hurts badly and i'm tired from all the pain. So yeah.

I haevn't spoken with him since last night and i don't plan on doing again anytime in the next day.

On a good note? I'm going to be doing a bit of a project for Hikari Senshi fansubs beyond the basic timing work.  So my half fluency should come in handy again.   What i WANTED to do is a bit up in the air because of a bizarre mixture of dubs and subs out, but nothing that's just straight raw episodes of this particular heisei Ultraman show i want to do. Ah well.  ^^  We'll see.

In the end? GAARARGH. i just want some rest, dammit. and NO DRAMA.
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He never seems to realize that his voice carries. I leave my door open for the cat to get in, and she was acting up this morning too. But he gripes at the girlfriend to take care of the baby and i can hear every bloody word.  Which wakes me up. And if i'm not asleep it carries through the goddamn walls to where i don't SLEEP.   I never sleep when he's got a freaking day off, and we have the hellions here with us.  Sarah and little Denver can behave themselves most of the time, Devon on the other hand? Incites more crap that should be done, or wants the world handed to him. I realize most little kids are that way, but i swear he takes it to extremes just because HE CAN.

Seriously, i just wanted a decent amount of time for a sunday but we have the whole squadron of insanity here. No wonder i want to hide in my room and STAY there.  It is not helping this headache at all, either.
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Now i have to go to a judge and find a lawyer for this on monday. Denied again and told i HAVE to pay money i don't have before i get any of what i'm owed since June. Yes i was fired, i understood that. But my control over my engine is rather loose and i can't pay for repairs when my cash was bent on living expenses only after being garnished and losing  a freaking THIRD of it for the last 3 years.  On a good day, you can't predict what will go wrong with an engine even in perfect condition. it just HAPPENS, and that's what they decided to fire me over. Since i was supposed to prevent that with nonexistant extra cash.

Frankly, i'm so tired of this shit it isn't funny. I just want to be able to pay bills and help mom out, and i can't do it like this. I won't get any help otherwise, for very long while waiting this out. I'm going to have to go to FIA now for sure. I just ran out of money entirely, and i'd rather not run out of my medications entirely over this. I'll see what little help they can give me. But i really don't expect much at all, at this rate. I always get the short end of the stick for being smart enough to not pop out a kid. Meanwhile if i DID get pregnant they'd THROW shit at me.  I hate this shit so much it isn't funny.
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i HATE packing. Have i said that? Oh, i also have to get the tire on my car repaired yet. i'm annoyed because even with the low cost of replacing a tire? the lowest is 75$ that i DON"T have. Or more like i do, i've got about 90$ on me right now.  But i kinda need something else so i can fill my tank the rest of the way to get to port huron. I've got half a tank, i figure id' need about 20$ more to fill it up with teh current gas prices, if  not a little more.  

So yes, frustrating. I also can't really drive 200 miles on a freaking donut so i'm being driven up the wall here.  I'll figure it out.  Still.... ARGH. I can not wait to get out of here and at least its fairly soon.
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I spent easter in jail over a parking ticket. WTF. -_-x

I'll explain later. Mom and my brother bailed me out, and i'm going to port huron for the rest of the week. Have to be back to work on friday anyway but still. I need this, and i'm insanely tired.
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Bleagh. I'm really ready to just fall OVER. I want to write a bit, adn i have work tomorrow. *pouts* I'm insanely excited about Anime Central this year as always but GARGGGH. I'm just at that period where i NEED a vacation as much as i want one. As i said, far too much work.

I'd also love having the weather stay warm for just a bit. But that's far too much ask from Michigan.

Just call it seasonal frustration. I still need to go visit mom before i head over to Chicago too. Still trying to fiddle my money into that little trip as well. At least i have the vacation days to use for that to begin with.  For now?  I don't want change quite yet, but i'm really ready to just have a few days of fun compared to this grind.
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