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Birthdate:Aug 26
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Sanity: Only optional if you desire it.

I write fanfic, read voraciously and then you can add audio obsessed to that. I listen to damn near any type of music, with few exceptions. So keep no expectations on what i'll talk about outside of fandom stuff, but the music will show up in some way or another.

Fandoms i'v written in:
Gensomaden Saiyuki
BBC1's Merlin
Hawaii Five-O(2010)

Stuff i'm thinking of writing in:
One Piece(request)
Wild Adapter(request)
Kaze no Yojimbo
Samurai Champloo
Stargate: Atlantis

tobako_ntart is my writing journal. A new home to my ravings and musings as an audiogeek that has an unhealthy love of shounen-ai. *grins* This journal will still have finished pieces as well, don't worry.

A 33 year old with a growing witch's streak of white hair on my head. Finding much amusement from its slow appearance, and simply living as best i can. Despite the strangeness of real life.

Too many hobbies: Reading, classic and cult film, music of near every genre, writing, chocoholic, audiophile. It'll all end up in this journal somewhere. Count on it.

I own and moderate: kazenoyojimbo
Co-moderate: broken_compass, subtle_creature

Leorio x Kurapika Is So-Canon-It's-Scary Love.

Pterry IS Genius

Interests (162):

accoustics, analog, anglophile, anime, audio, audio engineering, beyond the grave, bioluminesence, bishounen, books, brandon heat, bunny doll, cats, character dynamics, characterization, cho hakkai, chocolate, classical, cult films, david hewlett's heart-shaped ass, david usher, digital, discworld, doa, dokugakuji x kougaiji, douglas adams, eames/arthur, electronica, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, feudal japan, gackt, gato x hazel, genjo sanzo, gensomaden saiyuki, getbackers, ginko, gojyo, gojyo x hakkai, gravitation, guitar rock, gungrave, gyokumen koushu, hard disc recording, have gun will travel, hellsing, hikaru nakamura, hirata hiroaki, house of five leaves, hybrid, iceman, inception, ishida akira, j-pop, j-rock, japanese, jazz, jin, joe flanigan's mouth, joseph gordon-levitt, kamen rider, kamen rider 555, kamen rider kabuto, kaze no yojimbo, kazuya minekura, kenren taisho, kougaiji, kyou kara maou!, live sound, madara, manga, mastering, mazoku, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, media studies, microphones, midorikawa yuki, miki shinichiro, minekura, mixing, moist, mugen, mugen x jin, mushishi, music, music from everywhere, music production, musicians, mythology, nakamura hikaru, naruto, natsume book of friends, natsume takashi, natsume yuujin-chou, natsume yuujinchou, nii jienyi, nii jienyi x kougaiji, nii jyeni, nii x kou, nipponphile, nyanko-sensei, ohtsuka houchu, outboard processing, pre-production, progress, protools, radio, reading, recording, saint onii-san, saint oniisan, saint young men, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, saiyuki reload, saiyuki reload gunlock, samurai champloo, samurai jack, sanzo, sarah conner chronicles, sarai-ya goyou, science fiction, second life: radioriel, seiyuu, seki tomokazu, seki toshihiko, senkou no night raid, sha gojyo, shakespeare, sheppard/mckay, shinichiro watanabe, shounen ai, shounen-ai, slash, sound, spitz, stargate: atlantis, startrek:reboot, stigma, stories, storytelling, super sentai, swords, synchronization, synthesizers, techno, tenpou gensui, terry pratchett, the slayers, time code, tom hardy, tomica hero rescue force, ukoku, ukoku sanzo, urushibara yuki, yami no matsuei, yaoi, 夏目友人帳, 蟲師
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