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I had an 'audition' of sorts for a telemarketing for charity company. I did do my best, but my sincerity wasn't enough for them. They wanted a bloody stupid cheerleader culture. Not my style. Not EVER my style. As if cold calling isn't back breaking enough to begin with! I was the choir jock, the scifi/fantasy girlgeek. I could never buy into the cheerleader culture, i started to get annoyed with it by age 11 or 12, i think. Just before high school.

The cause? i honestly liked, but i'm much better suited to retail settings. I'm allowed to improvise if need be and do what's needed. Just. Yargh. Cynicism is allowed. Not that sarcasm wasn't, but i wasn't really comfortable in that office. It would have been write ups within a week and possibly an ulcer in a month. No way, and not again.

It just reminded me of how much i changed, even when i was a lot younger. Why i basically left that whole subculture in the dust at 16 with my general 'fuck it, i'm going military' at that age. After that? It was easy to distance myself from the stupidity of thinking/acting. I will never be that ON. It's exhausting, and frankly? Bloody well INSANE.
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I didn't get the job after all. They notified me friday. I got it when i got home from work last night. Which was compounded by the insanity that is my mother calling and then blaming me for not getting the job when we're all out of money. Both of us. Since i had to chose between paying the damned car totally off and money to live on for the next week. Guess what won? I'm paying a chunk of it off of this last week's paycheck but the next one is entirely rent. PLUS i have to have money to drive down to port huron and back. I'm considering cancelling it just because gas costs so damned much. I was considering meeting them in Ann Arbor as it is, if i took the train there from East Lansing.  Costs almost as much at this point.

On a good note, i returned to DJing in Second Life with much success. I can count that as a second job now. With around 10-12 hours a month as a given.  It won't get me a lot of money extra, but it'll get me a bit more than i'm making already. Especially since i've got a weekly gig now, every wednesday night after i get out of work.  It'll help a bit in the meantime. For now i'm just sorta stuck.  I'm not giving up on job hunting, but i'm not exactly in a good mood after mom poked me with sticks right AFTER i found out that i wasn't going to be hired. 

The DJing though? I was welcomed back with open arms. ^_^  The seem to have missed my signature type of sets when i play at Radio Riel. My continent hopping techno is one of a kind in Caledon and in lots of other places.  So much that as i played that gig last night, i was asked to start playing that regular gig in a sister sim of ours, New Babbage. Along with all the other rotation things we have going, it seems i wont' be a 'part timer' unless i need to be request it if time between work and now THIS work gets too dear. Since i'm concentrating on Retail pharmacies again, i may be able to maintain that full time DJ status of 12 hours a month even after i start somewhere else. 

It was tiring to find that out and then all of a sudden hit the jackpot in terms of the DJ thing. With the regular gig and being paid for playing every single time almost? Um yeah. It'll get me an extra 40 or so a month, maybe more depending on my average tips. I've already got my property in SL paid off for almost 3 months. So i can concentrate on using that bit extra for myself. I'll have actually earned it after all!  It'll be enough to help out in the meantime. Which is all i'm really after while i seek out better pay.  The mistreatment is still bugging the crap out of me. They ask us to move mountains and give us absolutely nothing back at work.

All i can say is that life is damned WEIRD.  Fun though. :D You could say i was saved by my own music, in a way. But i also think of it as dumb luck too. *grin* 
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I finally got hte bloody stimulus check. Now i can get my other account out of the red and use a bit of money for a few things i want to invest in. Otherwise? the most i'm using it on is books and bills. The Mushishi box i should be able to get if i get hired. At the moment? Still interviewing so no answer from HR yet.  And got my eye towards a few other places anyway, if i don't.  I haven't reapplied at some of them since i've gotten the original PTCB certification, so there's more chances in retail again. Not as much pay, but still quite a bit better than what i get now.

But egads this takes a TON of pressure off me.  Nox is visiting, and so far i have a fridge 1/3 full of good food, and Kurogane to finally boot up again. If i get the nod for the job this week i'm gonna be going OMGWTF!!!  *grin*  I still figure it won't be contact time until next week anyway. *shrugs* 

The last four days on the other hand? Gargh. Just lemme sleepi in tomorrow. I can do this weekend thing, but i hatehatehateahatehate! Getting up early. I prefer to sleep through morning. Second shift suits me just fine. 
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Yes, the interview went fairly well. I arrived about 15 minutes early, because i'd given myself an hour's worth of drive time. For me that means 'time to get lost and figure out the right way there.' time.  Settled in and got a tag team interview from both the supervisors and had a good time of it. The only hang up they had might be my medications in order to function because of the endo.  But they also appreciated the honesty with it, and i described my typical day as very similar if not almost identical in physical activity to theirs, so it might work out.  All they have to do is ask my current boss and she'll tell them.  I really do. If i was on anything else, i wouldn't try for this since i know just how i can not function on any stronger narcotics and tramadol is pretty much borderline. Controlled here in michigan, but not not in quite a few other states. But i can function and i can and do work a normal retail workday which is probably just as physically (and mentally) demanding as a hospital one is, if not more. 

Now it's the settle in and wait for about 2 weeks for an answer period. That and apply in a few other places just to be on the safe side.   That may be the one thing preventing me from the job, but i hope it won't.

Memorial day weekend? I worked saturday and sunday and pretty much had monday and today off. Which is good, and i work tomorrow. I just wish i wasn't so broke. I should have been a bit better about my money on the trip, but i also had that car payment to consider so it threw me off. *sighs*  Damn i hate being a grown up some days, when i just want to wallow in fandom in general and just be me. 

Ah well. I'm enjoying the rest of this day and then going to do more cleaning. i have a guest that should be here by the end of the week. An old friend from Yahhell!Religion room 1.  Zaphod_weetabix, aka nox_yersoxoff, and his latest incarnation? owl_khyder. *snickers* Yes, his sense of humor is about as off color as mine. So we get along infamously, and that's not counting the music geekery we share.

PS: I better get that damned stimulus check. I really need the money to get by for just a bit longer. -_-x At least until i've nailed a better job.
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Made it through the first hurdle. I passed the HR guarddog/recruiter last friday and today i got a bit of a surprise. I checked my cell and had the number for the pharmacy in question on it. She wasn't there, but i'll try again tomorrow before work.  I doubt i'd get the phone interview right away, and i'll be long gone by 7am on thursday morning. So if i can set it up, i'll set it up for the tuesday the 20th after the monday return from Chicago. *Flails* It's yet another phone interview, which i find bizarre after so many years of having to do face to face ones all the time. I was expecting the call on my landline and instead find the voice mail on my cell.

I really want this, and i'm hoping it all works out. For now it's just....countdown time. Laundry to do, a bit of start up packing tonight...

I wasn't able to make a new costume this year, but i've been broke and near insane the last year so it's excused. I couldn't even afford to get the extra things i needed for the kimono i bought last year because i won't be getting my stimulus check until the 30th. -_-x Stupid feds...

Anyway, one more day of work and then seeing if i can actually sleep yet again before we leave on thursday morning. Since like everyone else that day, i'll be up at Oh Dark Thirty AM. *grin*   Worth it, every year so far. For now? A bit of pre packing and organizing and generally going batty, as usual. No work, no bills to worry about an generally just plain fun for the next weekend. Just what's needed after such a crappy year.

I'm taking the train again. Pere Marquette Line leaves at 7.35am as usual from the GR Train Station and i'll be on it.  Arrive at Union Station around 10.30am CST and then the fun of making my way over to rosemont and the Embassy Suites. XD Tiring but always makes the journey worth it, in th end. I really like going by train and wish we had more lines available here in michigan. *sighs* Yes, my two trips to england spoiled me for travel by train. :P Deal with it.
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Been a bit since i used this icon.  *grin*  But things are going well. I'm pretty sure i passed the Boards for a Pharm Tech Certification. I should know by Feb 25th at the absolute latest on whether or not i have the official Credentials to get my foot in the door elsewhere.  Teri also mentioned i could play the system a bit and see if we can't get the company to match any offer i get from some other company. Match the pay, is the key. The benefits i have are actually pretty decent if you know how to work them right. (Which i do.)  She's going traveling again for Brooks&Eckardt Conversion again in the middle of march. We figure i'm not gonna get any offers until i've got that Cert in my hand anyway at this point. So if anything turns up before she goes or while she's gone, we can find out if they'll match it. If they don't? I go to the new job, after she returns. If they do? I just might stay.  I won't get my hopes up about it actually happening, but it depends on just how hard Kara bludgeons the upper management. I don't want more money than i'd guess Kim makes, but i at least want on par with living wages AND the fact that i've been doing way beyond cashier work for well over 4 years. The National Certification just makes it official and gives me the option of getting out of their little trap, if they choose not to ante up. 

The Corporation itself i hold no illusions on. I have no idea if they do that kind of thing for Techs. As far as they're concerned i'm expendable, and Kara knows i'm aware of it. *grin* It's one advantage i have.  They do this kind of thing to keep pharmacists, but techs(who are hourly employees unless part of a buyout and get bargained for wages that way) are another animal all together. Again, in the expendable area of things. It should make the next few weeks interesting.  I know i wont' be there forever, the question will be whether i leave now or in a couple more years. (and the next leg of my journey, which is canada)

In the meantime? I play a bit, get myself back into Second Life and back on air with Radio Riel. Clean up and see what i can pull off otherwise.  I can work the system if i play it right. If they chose not to play? I can go where the offer is given. Either way, i win. For once, i like the sound of that. And i'll have tangible proof of my skill too, in hand. Something to show after 5 years of being west! FINALLY, a goal accomplished. 
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