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Oh i'm still alive. Just busy with far too much for my liking and trying to keep at least marginally sane. Also: obsessing over new music from an old band that i've seen live twice and still love. The lead singer sounds a lot like Chris Cornell, but he's definitely his own creature. The band is just amazing, in and out of the studio. 

Big Wreck. One of the canadian rock bands that i can't help but love. They only had one song that got any airplay in the US and it never took off over here. Back it the late 90s, the song was called The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted). Look it up on soundclound, you wont' be dissappointed.  But they had a really successfull run in their home country, broke up around 2003-4 and then just got back together back in 2011. YAY. :D 

So their new album has two songs i'm going crazy over at the moment and trying to sort into my plotbunny filled existence while i deal with job hunting, wowcrack, and tumblr invading my life. That my family drives me nuts goes without saying. This is my way to cope. 
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I finally got around to getting my paws on the BBC Sherlock OST. I was right in that they are absolutely amazing on their own merit. The mix of orchestra and the older period instruments and modern score tricks is what caught my ear originally. It really hasn’t changed my opinion in 2 years and two series. The stuff is frankly amazing in how it carries the story and doesn’t intrude. Which is pretty much all i ask of a score.

David Arnold and Michael Price are so commended for putting this together. The tiny bits of ambient tossed into the mixture of old and new also just MAKE it. It’s subtle, unless you catch it at the right time or have a trained ear like my crazy self. ^^;;

I have yet to really pin down a favorite, as i’m on my first listening of them. I will soon enough.

First impressions though? An incredible fusion of period victorian instrumentals and instruments with all the modern trappings to add to the sheer substance of the sound. The movements are layered and nuanced in ways worthy of oscar winning film scores. It’s just hard to beat things like this. Severely hard to beat them. Fusions always catch my ear cause they can be blatant or they can be subtle and devious. This is the latter.  It starts obvious and then draws you into the ambient parts without pause till you drool even harder.

It feeds into the growing relationship between John and Sherlock as they figure each other out in the first series, right up until that cliffhanger that had the fans howling across the world. This is exactly what a good score is supposed to do. Enhance the story without words. Then keeps you there in Series 2 and just adds even more to the shocks, horrors, and joys of it all. Series 3 is highly anticipated and i’m up for more than just John punching him in the face twice, crying and tackling him with joy. I want to hear the score that goes with it. :D


PS. The bint is in jail because she skipped out on her community service and didn't pay her fine. BHAHAHAHAH. Sorry, but i can't help it. Now i'm mostly just tired because cranky nephew is cranky. He's a stroppy 15 month old and keeping up with him is nuts. Mom and i can't do it on a constant basis, and scott knows it. He's going to have to arrange for help, and be an active daddy while he's here. For now? I've been gloating because she's gone, when not falling over from going after my imp of a nephew.

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THIS is how you do dance oriented pop. Freaking EARWORM.

total LOVE. Great voices, well executed and hot as hell as a bonus. Behehee
So i'm a liiiiitle bit biased. ^^

ETA: Yes i'm aware there is a japanese version of this song out too now, but this is the far better one. :P Something about hanguel lends itself well to this genre. Incredibly well.

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