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Dammit. i'm trying to write this detail for the Dresden/H50 fic of doom and i'm having to research That detail too. How would this particular entity perceive this family style? *throws hands up* I should just sleep on it and work on it tomorrow. Bleagh. I know enough pagan people to ask to the point where i might be able to figure out how the 'flavor' would be.  It's the only thing really blocking me from finishing this chapter and its driving me up the wall. Danny's voice is just fine, it's the critter he's talking to that's gotta be just right. My mythology bent swings between blessing and curse on nights like this.
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Heya all.

Yes i'm still here. Just been wandering around fandom and living with crazies, nothing new there. *grin*

BUT It's Anime Central time and i'm on my way in a matter of hours. 6am train from Port Huron, and i'll be in chicago around noonish. I'll try to post from there, but we'll see. For now? I'm finishing the last of my packing and getting things set to go.

Life's been a bit nuts. new live action fandoms, anime's been rather meh, but Toku's still going strong. Especially as i've been catching up on stuff i've been stalling on. We've got our two panels to present this year. our Tokusatsu 101 stuff, and Tokusatsu Tropes. Looking forward to introducing the genre to new people and seeing a few old friends at the Tropes panel. *grin* We have far too much fun presenting these, year after year. I wish i had more than my Shoutarou Hidari cosplay but that's not happening this year. Maybe next year i can either have made, or make my out GUYS jacket. Cause my favorite by far is Ryuu from that particular Ultraman show. Although...there's also teh EYES uniforms from Ultraman Cosmos. Cause Fubuki is just all kinds of awesome. Musashi's adorable but Fubuki is just so much fun in his perpetual grumpy badassery.

I might even try to finish writing that next chapter of Kahuna i've been working on. I'm not quite done yet, but i'm stuck on a bit of dialogue. Maybe this weekend will shake it out. I need a change of scenery and a weekend of geeking out should do it. 

We're having a long awaited reunion though. [ profile] sychogrl is coming back this year, and [ profile] padfut_n_prongs is coming for the first time. With luck next year, we'll have a [ profile] mbwun again. For now? Laughter, pictures and general fun and games of the fangirl variety.

Something i've definitely needed, and maybe i'll get that fanfic written. :D
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Title: Kahuna
Fandoms: H50 and Dresden files fusion
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Warnings: General s1 spoilers and majority of concepts used for Dresden Files.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] imkalena for kicking my ass for the beta and Hawaii info. Inspired by the prompt by [ profile] grnidshrk. Also? Real life took a nosedive after  may last year (getting fired does that). I'm just now picking up the pieces, when Danny knocked me upside the head. *grin* 
Summary: Danny has a stalker.


I suppressed a shudder.  )

Owari ^_~ 

I've already started a bit of research into the next part. Comments and concrit are love, as always. :D  Sorry it took so long!

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Title: Kahuna
Fandom: H50
Notes: Huge thanks to [ profile] imkalena for the beta and nudging me for cleanup, and [ profile] grnidshrk for the plot bunny that ate my life. Sorry again for the late returns!  Random crazy invaded my life. Just don't ask...



I was going to kill him. )


Owari ^_~ This time i promise to have another chapter out much earlier.  Hope this satisfies things until then. Hope you're having as much fun reading as i am writing this! Comments are welcome, as always!

Chapter 6
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Title: Kahuna
Fandom: H50
Notes: Huge thanks to [ profile] imkalena for the beta and nudging me for cleanup, and [ profile] grnidshrk for the plot bunny that ate my life. Sorry again for the late returns!  Random crazy invaded my life. Just don't ask...



Why weren't my shields holding all of a sudden? )
Chapter 5 this way
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Pretty much right.  Now to see if i can get this chapter hashed out. I have two days off and the place mostly to myself.  I do have to say that reading Changes definitely helped things along with some future details i've got in mind. Mostly i just wanna go fangirl over Mouse. OMG.  His little 'sequence' was all too cool. Far too many reasons why i love Jim Butcher's writing and that's just one itty bitty bit. ^_^  It also gave me a few ideas for Kahuna. *rubs hands together evilly* Well they were already there, but it gave me some ideas on how it would work in the Dresden style. 

I got some ideas from that area they were hiking in episode 20. So i went looking up the legends, and well whaddya know.  I end up headdesking. That spurred me into finally getting around to reading Changes and there we go.  Bloody hell, Oahu's chock full of stuff to play with. That's just ONE island in the chain at that.
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I seem to have thrown together an unintentional fanmix of my bizarre crazy mixes of stuff. One that is partly Steve's bad smooth jazz/boyband/jpop/kpop self would LOVE. It still amuses me greatly that this badass Navy SEAL loves music like that. I am pretty sure he'd love DBSK and Immi, and even Monkey Majik. Good music all of them--but far too peppy for Danny's tastes. *is a total DORK*   The other half is all my guitar bands and whatnot of which i think fit Danny. Doa being most prominent to go back with his love of The Boss and Bon Jovi.  I don't have any Sinatra to toss in, but i'll save that for some other mix. Still? WTF BRAIN.

I'll post it some other time. Right now i need to get this chapter out of my bloody HEAD.
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Title: Kahuna
Author: AliasOfWestgate
Rating: PG-13, still
Warning: Fusion with the Dresden files, AU
Summary: Danny's gotta go see the man.
A/N: I don't own Dresden or H50, or i'd not be working for the pauper's wages i make. There would also be more kissing.


Quiet, on the other hand isn't a Williams Clan specialty. )


Owari ^_~

I still don't know how many chapters i'll have with this after all but we're getting somewhere at the very least. Comments are welcome as always!

Chapter 4 here
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Title: Kahuna
Paring: Danny/Steve
Genre: AU/fusion
Rating: PG13 now, R later
Warnings: Familiarity with the Dresden Files, no episodes in H50 used yet.
Summary: Show and tell.
A/N:  Thanks to [ profile] imkalena  for a speedy beta and to [ profile] grnidshrk  for the plotbunny! Sorry it took so long to get part two out. Life got a bit hairy after christmas.  ^_^;; Also: Don't own this show, but if i did? I wouldn't be living on pauper's wages.




Here goes nothing )

Owari ^_~

That's all for now. There shouldn't be so long a wait for the next part, and i can hammer out the bits that i need for details on it.   Now? I get to sleep for work tomorrow, which comes far too quickly at 9am.  *falls into bed*


 Chapter 3

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Title: Kahuna
Author: AliasOfWestgate
Pairing: steve/danno, pre slash to start
Rating: PG 13 now, R later
Spoilers: none
Warning: Crossover and mangling of mythology
Summary: Danny has yet another bad day. Which brings his other set of skills into play. Steve is not happy and things go boom. Just another day at the office, right? 
Notes: I forget who made the exact plot bunny but someone had one for a Dresden Files crossover/fusion. Well here it is. It ate my brain just a bit. I'm also on the market for a beta, so any volunteers? 


  That other set of skills i mentioned?  )

WTF brain, just WTF. I'm off to bed. I'll cross post this over at the other H50 slash community after work tomorrow. I have to be up and functioning in 3 hours. *falls over*  Never fails. My muses always get me in the middle of the night like this.

Owari! ^_~ 

Part 2 is Here
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